2 February

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I have updated my website and moved to a new host. The new site is at andrimagnason.com. For the Icelandic version go to andrisnaer.is.

I'll keep this site up while I'm moving all the stuff, but it'll no longer be updated.

International orders for Dreamland

Dreamland can be ordered here online: Smekkleysa.net


Here is an article about Dreamland from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (0,5MB PDF).

And here is some information about the Blue Planet released in Germany last year.

17 June


Two of Europe's most important and influential musical entities, Björk and Sigur Rós, have today officially announced details of their open air Náttúra concert in Iceland on Saturday 28th June.

Commenting on the gig, Björk said: "Too often battles being fought for nature turn into something negative and into mudslinging. We will not go that way, we are not saying that this and that is forbidden, we are rather asking 'what about all these other possibilities?' The 21st century is not going to be another oil century but rather a century where we need to recycle, think green and design both power plants and our surroundings in harmony with nature."

The event will raise awareness of the destruction of Iceland's cherished natural landscape (the largest unspoilt wilderness left in Europe), through increasingly invasive aluminium smelting activity, and a book by Andri Snær Magnason, Dreamland: a self help manual to a frightened nation, that details the destructive behaviour from an intelligent point of view and suggests what can be done to rectify such massive problems.

The book, a best-seller in Iceland, is published in English next month by Citizen Press and has already attracted worldwide attention due to its radical style, in the vein of Naomi Klein, and critical acclaim from the Icelandic media. It has also won the Icelandic Literary Award and the Icelandic Bookseller Prize.


Held in a large park near the centre of Reykjavik, the same space used in Sigur Ros' Heima film, the concert also features local musician Ólöf Arnalds and will be held between 7 and 10pm on Saturday 28th June 2008.

Entry is free and, as the sun won't go down until after midnight, all of the performances will be in broad daylight with Iceland's capital city and dramatic rolling scenery providing a perfect backdrop to what is expected to be one of the biggest concerts the country has seen.

Both headlining artists have recently finished a series of touring commitments, with Sigur Rós releasing their brand new album 'Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust' on June 23 and Björk following 2007's 'Volta' with a huge worldwide tour.



If Dreamland: a self help manual to a frightened nation was an equivalent best seller in America, 20 million people would own a copy. Now translated into English, respected Icelandic author Andri Snær Magnason offers a unique perspective on the environmental problems that two musical superstars have dedicated a whole concert to addressing - that of the dramatic increase in aluminium smelting destroying pristine Icelandic nature.

The book was a runaway hit in Iceland and has inspired a renaissance of environmental conciousness, specifically against the industrial metal processing plants that are ruining vast chunks of Europe's largest unspoilt wilderness.


Ben Murray
M: 07837 998806 or + 44 7837 998806


Concert website

Sigur Rós


Andri Snær Magnason

3 March 2008

Blue Planet in Maxim Gorky Theater Berlin.

The premiere will be on 6 April at Gorki Studio, the second performance on 13 April (director: Sascha Hargesheimer). The production will be part of the theatre show "Nature and Man".

22 February 2008

Dreamland talk and Blue Planet reading in Scandinavia house in New York, March 1st and March 3rd.

Dreamland Iceland: A Universe on an Island - A Talk by Andri Snær Magnason

Monday, March 3, 6:30 pm. $10 ($8 ASF members, students with ID free)

Icelandic author Andri Snær Magnason will speak about Iceland as a political, economic, and sociological microcosm of the world, arguing that Iceland as an island can be used as a model to understand issues of conflict, interest, influence, war, independence, and dependency around the globe. Drawing on his recent bestseller, Dreamland: Self Help for a Frightened Nation, Mr. Magnason will use local topics to help understand complex global issues like the military industrial complex, the exploitation of natural resources, globalization, corporations, and democracy. The New York Times calls Dreamland, which was awarded both the Icelandic Literary Award and the Icelandic Bookseller Prize in 2006, "a devastating polemic that puts Iceland's environmental issues into a global perspective."

The Story of the Blue Planet - A Reading for Children with Andri Snær Magnason

Saturday, March 1, 1 pm. Ages 5+ $6 ($4 ASF members)

On a blue planet far out in space there are no adults, only children. They are wild children who play when they want to and go to sleep when they are tired, without anyone telling them what to do. Then a mysterious man lands on the planet and teaches them how to fly when the sun shines by flicking the dust off butterflies' wings. A perilous adventure ensues, taking the children through dark forests, deep valleys, and skies of blue. Their friendship and ingenuity are put to the test as never before in the most dangerous adventure a child could imagine. The Story of the Blue Planet is one of Iceland's most popular children's books and has been published in more than 20 countries. Author Andri Snær Magnason will read the story and share pictures of the Icelandic landscape that inspired the book.

22 February 2008

Power Struggle

The people of Iceland awaken to a stark choice: exploit a wealth of clean energy or keep their landscape pristine.

Magnason is interviewed in the article in National Geographic. Dreamland - Self Help for a Frightened Nation in english is coming soon. The book some said awakened Icelanders from a sleep, not being aware that many of our most fragile places had been offered to power companies with a bad international reputation. Dreamland - english translation coming soon and our documentary film, Dreamland is in it's final stages. Here you can see pictures by Christopher Lund of places that many are now lost under the Karahnjukar Dam raised for the Alcoa Dam. Some are taken during the filming of Dreamland, the summer of 2006.

2 September 2007

Andri Snaer in Japanese TV

A documentary about Andri Snaer was shown in Japanese television yesterday evening. In it Andri talks about The blue planet, Dreamland, Voices (Raddir) and the fight to preserve the Icelandic highlands.

15 April 2007

The Blue Planet in Japan

The Blue Planet has been published in Japan by Gakken, one of Japans leading publishers. The book is translated by Akiko Haji.

10 October 2006

Lights out in Reykjavik - New Scientist

The idea of turning off all the city lights in Reykjavik has spread all over the world. The Blackout went without any accidents or crime waves. The traffic was heavy but no crashes. The sky was half cloudy so some missed the stars but the darkness was romantic and soft, but some gas stations and official building forgot to turn off the flood lights. It was a good dress rehearsal for next time. The police and fire department participated as they needed to rehearse reaction to blackouts or natural disasters. New Scientist has taken the bouquet and hopes that all cities and towns in the world would do this once a year. Salute to New Scientist. Here is the concept in a Night Poem for A City. Everyone that wants this to be done in the local metropolitan area can send this to the City Council:

Night Poem for a City Council. All the city lights are turned off for one hour an old astronomer talks about the stars on national broadcast radio.

Here is the editorial in New Scientist.

You can look at this picture and imagine.

28 September 2006

Lights off - Stars on

all the city lights of reykjavik
will be turned off
the 28th of september 2006
from 10:00 - 10:30 PM
a renowned astronomer will talk about the stars
on national broadcast radio
everyone is invited

Lights off - Stars on is a grand scale happening that marks the opening of the Reykjavik International Film Festival. The City Council of Reykjavik and its neighboring municipalities have agreed to turn off all the city lights in the capital area for half an hour while a renowned astronomer talks about the stars and the constellations on national radio.

This is an idea by Andri Snær Magnason, an Icelandic writer of poetry, children’s books, plays and novels. Þorsteinn Sæmundsson PhD astronomist will talk about the stars.

For more information about this happening please contact:

Andri Snær Magnason: +354 861 7397

Hrönn Marínósdóttir +354 861 7374

11th of Oktober

Blue Planet in Finland

The Blue Planet will be premiered in Finland the 11th of Oktober in the City Theater of Lahti. For more information, pictures and Tickets please go to this website.

17 August 2006

Some Bonus poems translated to dutch

A few of my Bonus Poems have been translated to Dutch. They are on the website: www.komkommerenkwel.nl filed under poezie.

3 February 2006


Living in a Laboratory: The Universe on an Island

  • Andri Magnason, award winning Icelandic writer
  • Monday, 6 February 2006
  • 6:00-8:00pm
  • World Room, Journalism Building


3 February 2006

Blue Planet in Pakistan

The Blue Planet will be performed by the International School in Islamabad in Pakistan in March. Director is Claire Pamment. Rehearsals are underway. Hopefully we will get pictures from the performance. The music by "múm" from the National Theater in Iceland production can be found here. All income has goes to the benefit children around the world. The Red Cross, Friends of India and Unicef in Pakistan.

3 February 2006

First prize for new bank headquarters in Iceland

Conceptual work with "Einrum" architects and "Arkitektur.is" won first prize in a competition for new headquarters for Islandsbanki in Iceland. The work of the writer was to search for the philosophy of the building, bring forth the historical background of the site find ideas and threads that fit the concept and image of the bank and the banks environment. An old fishing factory was used to bring forth the soul of the area and make the connection of the old industry and the new economy.

3 February 2006

New book underway

A new book will be out in February.

23 June 2005

The Blue Planet nominated for 5 Dora's

The LKTYP production of the Blue Planet is nominated for 5 Dora's, one of Canada's most important theater awards. It is nominated for: Outstanding Production of a Play, Outstanding Directing of a play, Outstanding Set Design, Outstanding Costume Design and Outstanding Choreography. The nominations are for theater in general, not only for children´s theater.

2005 Dora Mavor Moore Award Nominees

General Theatre Division

Outstanding Production of a Play

  • Bigger Than Jesus (Necessary Angel Theatre Company in Association with Factory Theatre)
  • Blue Planet (Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People)
  • Half Life (Tarragon Theatre and Necessary Angel Theatre Company)
  • Take Me Out (CanStage)
  • The Leisure Society (Factory Theatre)

Outstanding Direction of a Play

  • Daniel Brooks (Bigger Than Jesus)
  • Daniel Brooks (Half Life)
  • Ken Gass (The Leisure Society)
  • Allen MacInnis (Blue Planet)
  • Joseph Ziegler (Hamlet)

Outstanding Set Design

  • Judith Bowden (Blue Planet)
  • Beth Kates and Ben Chaisson (Bigger Than Jesus)
  • Ken MacDonald (Take Me Out)
  • Francis O’Connor (Translations)
  • Marian Wihak (The Leisure Society)

Outstanding Costume Design

  • Sarah Balleux (Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme)
  • Judith Bowden (Blue Planet)
  • William Ivey Long (Hairspray)
  • Astrid Janson and Julie Renton (The Red River Rebellion)
  • Francis O’Connor (Translations)

Outstanding Choreography in a Play or Musical

  • Marion J. Caffey (Ain’t Misbehavin’)
  • John Carrafa (Urinetown)
  • Tracey Flye (Aladdin)
  • Sven Johansson (Blue Planet)
  • Jerry Mitchell (Hairspray)

20. April 2005

Spiegel Online > Bonus Poetry

Henryk M. Broder writes about Bonus Poetry in Spiegel Online.

Click here to read his article.

Friday, 15. April 2005

Dialogue of Cultures

Modern Icelandic Literature in Foreign Languages - Nordic House, Reykjavik 14:00-16:00

Organizer: Guðrún Nordal, Chair of the Institute of Literary Research and Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities & Sigfríður Gunnlaugsdóttir and Lára Sólnes, The Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages.

The workshop is intended for all our foreign guests who wish to gain an insight into the world of Icelandic literature. Dr. Dagný Kristjánsdóttir, professor in Icelandic Literature presents modern Icelandic literature in the perspective of the literary tradition in Iceland. Icelandic authors will talk about their work and translations of their works will be read in foreign languages.

Modern Icelandic Literature - Professor Dagný Kristjánsdóttir
  • Einar Már Guðmundsson 
  • Steinunn Sigurðardóttir 
  • Þórarinn Eldjárn 
  • Andri Snær Magnason 
  • Pétur Gunnarsson 
  • Sjón
  • Workshop leader: Gunnþórunn Guðmundsdóttir,adjunct

More: http://www2.hi.is/id/1010365

Dialogue of Cultures is a conference celebrating the 75th birthday of Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, former President of Iceland.

The first woman to be elected Head of State in a national election worldwide, Her Excellency Mme Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, President of the Republic of Iceland 1980-1996, currently UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Languages, will celebrate her 75th birthday on April 15th, 2005.

The Conference will provide a unique forum for discussions relating to cultural and linguistic diversity and its economic, political, social, cultural and technological ramifications. Eminent figures and distinguished scholars on the international scene, covering a range of backgrounds and cultural perspectives, will present their views on issues relating to globalisation versus multipolarity, issues which are already coming to define the landscape of the 21st Century.

The conference is held within the auspices of the The Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages at the University of Iceland (UI) in co-operation with the Rector of the University of Iceland, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and the City of Reykjavík.

12 April 2005

Úlfhams saga in the Faroe Islands

Úlfhams saga will be staged this summer in the Faroe Islands. Two performances the 17th and 18th of june. For plane tickets to the Faroe Islands go to www.flugfelag.is. More about Úlfhams saga here.

25 March 2005

The numbers are in for The Blue Planet in Toronto

The Blue Planet closed in Toronto March the 20th. 16,615 went to see the show according to theater figures. The Blue Planet Summit is in May. Look here for more information.

31 January 2005

No hugs or seal-eating please

In Canadian children's book publishing, it seems that Heather can have two mommies, but she better not be planning on eating any grilled seal or hugging and kissing her friends.

This is the message that Icelandic children's book author Andri Snaer Magnason heard from a Canadian publishing house when he asked them to consider releasing an English-language translation of his award-winning children's book The Story of the Blue Planet.

Read the full story on The Globe and Mail.

Blue Planet

1 January 2005

Blue Planet in Toronto

The North American premier of the Blue Planet is in Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People in Toronto the february 3rd.

December 2004

Lovestar in McSweeney's

An excerpt from LoveStar is published in the new edition of the American literature magazine McSweeney's.

December 2004

Lovestar Icelandic Review

An excerpt from LoveStar is published in the new edition of Iceland Review.

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