Dreamland - Self-help for a frightened nation

/ Best seller in Iceland 2006
/ Winner of the Icelandic Literary Award 2006
/ Winner of the Icelandic Bookseller Prize 2006

Dreamland - Self-help for a frightened nation was published in february 2006 in Icelandic and soon to be available in english. (Order here: andrimagnason@gmail.com).

Dreamland received the Icelandic literary award 2006, it has been printed 12 times and has sold more than 20.000 copies in Iceland. Dreamland is about the choices of a democratic nation against a future that will always be unpredictable. Dreamland is about Ideas, where they come from, how they emerge and how they strike the minds of many people at the same time. How the future can not be calculated as nobody knows what idea will come next. Against this uncertain future comes a masterplan of changing Iceland's vast, untouched wilderness into one of the largest aluminum smelters in the world to ,,secure" the future of Iceland and it's economy. Dreamland tries to understand the modern economic newspeak and how the constant fear of an uncertain economic future leads people into making decisions based on terms but not free choices.

Iceland as an island can be used as a model to the world to understand issues of conflict, interest, influence, war, independence and dependency. Dreamland spins a web of connections to understand on a local level complex global issues, like the military industrial complex, the exploitation of natural recourses, globalization, corporations and democracy. In Iceland there was an old cold war military base americans wanted to close down, the base was a vital part of the local economy with 2000 employees that feared unemployment.

At a global level we understand Eisenhower's warning in his final speech: World peace threatens the local economy. The government lobbied the US government to keep the base afloat to secure these jobs and therefor supported the war on Iraq. Dreamland takes on environmental issues in Iceland. How the governments have been planning to make Iceland one of the largest Aluminum smelters in the world and at what price, selling pristine wilderness to corporations with a bad reputation at lowest energy prices (see draumalandid.is). Pictures of the land sacrificed for Alcoa for the Karahnjukar Dam Project can be seen here

Dreamland is being made into a movie - directed by Thorfinnur Gudnason, director of documentary film, Woodmouse - Life on the run, that has been on National Geographic and Discovery Channels, Lalli Johns and Horse Story.

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