Welcome to Hofn Hornafjord in Iceland.

  • Hofn is located in the southeast part of Iceland .
    A few miles from Hofn, the biggest glacier in Europe is located.
    And at Hofn you can come and use the camping grounds.
    The camping site is in the center of Hofn , and all the neccesery service is within walking distance.

  • And Vatnajokull, the biggest glacier in Europe, towers above it all.
    And nearby is Breidarmerkurlon. Some call it the James Bond lagoon, because the opening secuense in the movie A View to a Kill was filmed there.
    There you can go boating amoung the floating glaciers. And when you are there they turn of the engine and you can listen to the power of the icebergs.
  • Information about camping service and rates are at SERVICE
  • East.is is an information page about the souteastern part of Iceland there are also maps.
  • Movie-Camp-and Glacier trips have interesting photos photographed around Hofn on the Glacier and at the Breidarmerkur lagoon.
  • Here are also photos from 1995 after the Volcano Eruption under the biggest glacier in Europe. There you can see what an eruption under glacier can to.
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Photos from the Campsite

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Photos from the James Bond film
" A view to a kill "

James Bond
Tomb Raider
Volcono Aftermath
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