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Runes and Pronunciation

Following is the Icelandic Alphabet,
the Runic character equivalents of the Alphabet and
the pronunciation of vowels in Icelandic.

A aLike the A in aha!
Á áLike the ow in how
B b
C c
D d
Ð ðLike the th in mother
E eLike the e in men
É éLike the yea in yeah
F f
G g
H h
I iLike the i in simple
Í íLike the ee in feeble
J j
K k
L l
M m
N n
O oLike the o in song
Ó óLike the o in go
P p
Q q
R rErrrr as in the berrrrr of a pneumatic drill
S s
T t
U uLike the u in uh?
Ú úLike the oo in foot
V v
X x
Y yLike the i in simple
Ý ýLike the ee in feeble
Z zSame as for S
Þ þLike the th in Athens
Æ æLike the i in mine
Ö öLike the u in murder

This page is based on
Úlfar Erlingsson's page, the illustrations
and pronunciation descriptions are from his site.
Our best thanks to Úlfar for allowing
the addition of this page to Virtually Virtual Iceland.