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The Icelandic Alphabet

The Icelandic alphabet of course has its origins
in the common Roman-type alphabet
used throughout most of the western world,
but the Futhark Runes have also had their
considerable influence on its appearance.
All those accents over the vowels and
the "Þþ", the "Ðð" and the "Ææ"
have a profound influence on how Icelandic text
appears on the printed page or the computer screen.

Icelandic Alphabet in Serif Type

Icelandic Alphabet in Sans-Serif Tyoe

Just a small illustration is a name spelled
using the usual western alphabet and the Icelandic alphabet

Gudmundur Agust Johannsson
Guðmundur Ágúst Jóhannsson

The name looks a little weathered and bent in the Icelandic alphabet.

An even greater difference shows up in Icelandic names
using the traditional Runic based characters:

Odinn Aegir Thorsson
Óðinn Ægir Þórsson

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Runes and Pronunciation
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