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Icebergs on Jokulsarlon

Jökulsárlón, Glacial River Lagoon,
is part of one of the shortest rivers in Iceland,
Jökulsá á Breiðamerkursandi,
which is only 1500 meters (4900 feet) long.
This is lagoon is a recent one, the result of a warmer climate,
The surface is at sea level and sea water flows into
the lagoon at high tide.

Large icebergs from the glacier Breiðamerkurjökull
float on the lagoon.

Jökulsárlón is the boundary between the settlements
of Hrollaugur Rögnvaldsson and Þórður illugi,
who stranded his ship there and bought his land
from Hrollaugur.
Jökulsárlón is a famous tourist attraction,
and has been seen by more people than other Icelandic
sites, but that is due to a part of a James Bond
film, You Only Live Twice, being filmed there.

The stamp was issued in 1991 with a face value of 26 krónur.
Artist: Þröstur Magnússon.

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