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I love my country. We have glaciers, hot springs, volcanoes, midnight-sun and bright summer nights on our small but beautiful island plus a pollution free air and the best drinking water in the whole world, clean and clear and straight from our mountains. How many countries do have so many of natures wonders ?

My aim with this part of my website is to try to gather links on informative sites on Iceland, in order to make it easier for tourists from other countries to plan their visit to Iceland. I hope my links can answer most of your questions about Iceland ;-)

Please keep in mind though that I do not run any tourist-office nor tourist-service, my website is just a hobby for me.

  The Culinary Saga of New Iceland   I am often asked for Icelandic food-recipes. Kristin Olafson-Jenkyns has written a marvelous award winning book on the subject:
The Culinary Saga of New Iceland.
There are over 200 interesting recipes in this book plus a lot of information on traditional Icelandic food.
I have the authors permission to publish few of these recipes here: - just to wet your tongue :-))

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open around the clock.

Get to Iceland:

  • Icelandair, for flights between Iceland and Europe and Iceland and North-America.
  • Iceland Express, for extra cheap fligths between Iceland and London and Iceland and Copenhagen.
  • Keflavik Airport, the international airport in Iceland.
  • Duty Free Store at Keflavik Airport is open for shopping by arrivals as well as departures. Why shop there and then ? All alcoholic beverages are, to say the least, very expensive in Iceland, so don't miss this opportunity for cheap liquor !
  • Reykjavik Excursions gets you cheap and easily from Keflavik Airport and Reykjavik, and back again when you leave. The fly bus will be waiting just outside the main entrance outside the airport.
  • Smyril Line, sails the ferry, Norr÷na, between Fareo Islands, Shetland Islands, Iceland, Denmark and Norway. Cheap fares on a new luxury ferry. Take your car with you to Iceland and enjoy the country at your own pace. You get ashore in the small town Seydisfjordur in East Iceland where they state that heaven and earth meet.

Getting around in Iceland:

  • BS═, the main bus terminal in Reykjavik. On their website you can find information on almost anything you need to know to a travel around in Iceland.
  • Embla, small group tours led by trained and knowledgeable guides offer the chance to see and learn about the pristine wilderness, volcanoes, geysers and hot springs, bird and sea life, plants and animals of Iceland.
  • Fer­afÚlag ═slands, offers a variety of tours all the year round; one day tours, weekend tours and longer tours.
  •, about mountaineering and hiking in Iceland.
  • FlugfÚlag ═slands, competitive rates, courteous service and destinations all around in Iceland.
  • G÷ngum um ═sland, another web for hikers.
  • GJ Travel, a comprehensive and personal travel service for individuals, companies and organizations as well as camping tours during the summer, and hotel based tours are on offer through out the year.
  • Iceland Explorer, offers a wide variety of activities and theme vacations designed to enhance an unforgettable visit to the unique country of Iceland.
  • Icelandic Mountain Guides, like to walk and climb in the nature ? Guided tours to the most beautiful spots in Iceland.
  • ═slandsflug, scheduled passenger flights to Vestmannaeyjar, BÝldudalur, Sau­ßrkrˇkur and Gj÷gur.
  • The Icelandic Meteorological Office, weather watching and forecasting 24 hours a day, all year around.
  • The Icelandic Traffic Council, gives some good advices on driving safely in Iceland - in several languages.
  • ┌tivist, a travel association whose goal is to encourage travel within Iceland in a healthy and enjoyable way. Anyone can become a member and participate activities.


  • ┴ning, here you'll find information on almost all accommodation possibilities in Iceland. They have a shade over 300 establishments in their database.
  • Fosshˇtel, is a group of 11 excellent tourist class hotels at very scenic locations and strategic points around Iceland.
  • Hˇtel Edda, their hotels are open during the summer from the beginning of June until the end of August. They are located around the country and pride themselves on good service and reasonable prices.
  • Icelandic Farm Holidays will help you organize accommodation in one (or more at your choice) of the 120 farms all over Iceland that offer holiday accommodation. How about a holiday on an Icelandic farm ?
  • The Icelandic Youth Hostel Association offers to help you to plan an unforgettable trip at Iceland at an affordable price. There are 24 Youth and Family hostels all over the country.
  • Hotel Viking, an accommodation in a guest house, rooms with all comfort - and at a very reasonable price too. Situated at the Viking Restaurant Fj÷rukrßin in the center of the small but charming town Hafnarfj÷rdur, just a few minutes drive from Reykjavik.
  • Camping There are lots of camping sites all over the country, but they are much more primitive than those I have visited around Europe. Be warned and don't expect anything too fancy ! Keep in mind that almost everywhere in Iceland it is strictly forbidden to camp outside those campsites - and campsites are on all the popular tourist spots, so there really is not excuse to camp outside those either.
    If you plan camping in Iceland don't forget to take with you warm clothes and be prepared for all kinds of weather, rainy, windy and cold. The most common weather in Iceland is all kinds of weather each and everyday, so there really are also some sunny and warm hours - and even days - in between :-)
    You will find excellent warm/hot and very clean swimming pools all over the country so by all means take swimsuit with you :-) It is mandatory to wash thoroughly from top to bottom before entering into a swimming pool in Iceland. We like to keep our swimming pools clean.

Not to miss:

  • Blue Lagoon, one of the most popular places in Iceland for tourists to visit. A nice hot bath in the middle of the Icelandic lava wilderness is something you will never forget.
  • Fj÷rukrßin, a genuine Viking restaurant in the middle of the charming town Hafnarfj÷rdur only few minutes drive from Reykjavik. Unforgettable Vikings feast ! And also absolutely delicious food. A "must see" for all tourists !
  • Geysir, the most famous Icelandic geyser.
  • Gullfoss, the most photographed waterfall in Iceland.
  • H˙safell, is among the most frequented tourist places in Iceland.
  • ═shestar, offers a variety of riding tours both for beginners and more experienced riders. The Icelandic horse is a friendly, willing and docile animal that rarely gives his rider any kind of trouble.
  • Mřvatn, and it surroundings is an area, renowned for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation possibilities - offering magnificent landscape together with rich animal- and bird life.
  • Nor­ursigling, whale watching, sails from town H˙savÝk harbor. H˙savÝk is in the northern part of Iceland.
  • The Icelandic Saga Centre, the Centre's main attraction is the Njal's Saga and Viking Age Exhibition. Situated in the southern part of Iceland.
  • Ůingvellir, where all major events in the history of Iceland have taken place.

Other useful web pages with general info on Iceland and Icelanders:

  • ┴lftanes, where I live. It is close to Reykjavik, but far enough to be an extremely peaceful place to live in.
  • East Iceland, where they say heaven and earth meet. This is the area that will first meet you when arriving to Iceland with the ferry Norr÷na.
  • Fylkir ┴g˙stsson, a travel agency, car rental and much more.
  • Global photos, a website that will give you full access to photographs from many of our leading photographers.
  • HeimasÝ­ulisti ═slendinga, personal homepages of Icelanders worldwide - get to know them :-)
  •, publishes all kinds of information for tourists.
  • Icelandic Foreign Service, here you will find a wealth of information about Iceland and Icelandic nature, its history and people, culture and science, travel and leisure, business in Iceland, its economy and foreign policy as well as links on numerous related subjects.
  • Iceland Worldwide gives you a glimpse of what awaits you in this unspoiled land of beauty and extremes.
  • Icelandic Adventure, specializes in Incentives and Activity tours for individuals and groups. Takes you to great places accessible only to those well equipped and experienced.
  • Icelandic Emigration to America. Do you want to learn to know about the Icelanders who emigrated to Canada ? This website is a tribute to all the people from Iceland who had for known or unknown reasons to search for a new life in a new country.
  • Icelandic Institut of Natural History, conducts basic and applied research on the nature of Iceland.
  • Icelandic Tourist Bureau, an extensive travel guide to Iceland.
  • INCA, Iceland Nature Conservation Association.
  • ═slands-myndir, a lot of beautiful photos from Iceland can be purchased on this web.
  • ═slandsvefurinn, very fine information web on Iceland for tourists.
  • Landsbj÷rg, the Association of Icelandic Rescue Teams. The number of volunteer units forming the association is about 230 rescue teams, accident prevention sections and youth sections. The association's goals are to work toward the saving of human life and valuables and toward accident prevention. Its volunteers carry out invaluable work for society.
    So, please show the courtesy if you plan to hike on your own in the Icelandic wilderness to tell someone, f.i. at your hotel or the next police station about your plans and when you are to be expected to come back in order to ensure your own security.
  • Mountaineers of Iceland, a wide selection of adventure tours in jeeps and other mountain vehicles.
  • NAT.IS Travel Mall, leads you through travel possibilities, shows itineraries of flights, buses and ferries, informs comprehensively about accommodations, places of interest, recreation, horse rentals, angling and much more.
  • North-Iceland, with Akureyri and Eyjafj÷r­ur and their surroundings.
  • North-West Iceland, the public tourist and information web of the northwest region of Iceland.
  • The Icelandic Travelnet contains practical and educational information about Iceland.
  • Reykjavik, the capital town of Iceland is next door to nature. On this website you will find information on events, things to do, eat and drink, accommodation, practical info and much more a tourist in Reykjavik would want to know. Don't forget to take along your swimsuit, you will find many warm and clean swimming pools with hot tubs and sauna in this town.
  • Samkoma, the word "Samkoma" is Icelandic and means a gathering and this website is a real meeting place for Icelandic & Western-Icelandic connections. If you are looking for Icelandic food recipes, you will find them here. If you want to learn Icelandic you can find what you need on this website also. And there are a lot more of interesting things on this very fine website.
  • South Iceland, information about 7 small municipalities in the interior south of Iceland.
  • Travel-2, is one of few travel agencies in Iceland that organize and operates tours for just one person, which is for example hitch-hiking around the country to exclusive helicopter tours or congresses.
  • Virtually Virtual Iceland A extremely fine and well built website on Iceland - there isn't much you won't find here !
  • tells you about interesting places, culture and leisure anywhere in Iceland.
  • Vestmannaeyjar, the Westmann Islands, a paradise at the end of the world where the molten lava runs close to the surface, and the puffins circle tirelessly above their precarious homes built on sheer cliff faces.
  • West Iceland, wild and beautiful - bountiful mountain ranges, magnificent glaciers, geothermal activity - you just name it, they have got it all.



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