Haraldur Baldursson - Info
I was born in Reykjavik 1963.
I graduated from the Cologne University of Applied Sciences Germany in 1995 with an engineering dergree in electronics comparable to a Masters Degree - MSc.

TERIS 2007-

In october 2007 I took up the position of Product Managment at Teris. Teris is a software company in Iceland which operates in the financial sector. Currently the main customers being the Icelandic Savings banks.
My main responsibility is the product Flexcube from Oracle Financial Services (OFS).

Further projects have included
-communication with OFS in Bangalore India as well as on-site
 at Teris is also a large portion of my activity.
-integration managent and project managment
-project budgeting and feasability studies in cooperation with our customers
-project prioritization
-product lifecycle evaluations
-requirement specification for the index loans. Indexed loans are an icelandic loan
 product, which not only include interest rates for loans, but also indexation, based on
 the consumer good index.

Consultancy and design Elkem, Norðurál 1999-
I have independently consulted on several projects in the alloy and aluminum industrie. I have created control solutions in all cases related to weighing. This work has been done with the expressed knowledge and permission of my managers, first at Marel Food Systems and currently at Teris.I have created various weighing systems along with control software.

MAREL Food Systems 1999-2007 
In 1999 I was employed at Marel hf. where I was employed.until october 2007.

Marel is a world leader in Food-processing systems and solutions.

I held two postions at at Marel, initially as a real-time programmer and later as Team Manager of Control-System-Integration (CSI). The CSI group operates within the Project-Engineering-Division.Marel lays great emphasis on creating and working with standard software components. Its customers however are not always able to conform to these "standard".
That is where the CSI work began. Adapting the software, writing new code around standard components, or creating new software to facilitate these needs. In close cooperation with the Project managers I allocated resources to projects and supported developers in the more complex projects.

Rafhönnun 1995-1999 (later Mannvit)
I came to the employment of Rafhönnun hf. after graduating.

There I worked on various demanding and interresting projects :

Cologne University of Applied Sciences 1990-1995
I was employd as a Laborotory Assistant/Teaching (LA/TA) in the
Faculty of Information, Media and Electrical Engineering

My responcebility as LA/TA were diverse such as teaching, preparing practical electronic material, maintaining electronic instruments as well as course admission organization and further administrative work. Having lived and studied in Germany my spoken and written german grammar is excellent. I still maintain a good and frequent relationship to friends and collegues in Cologne.










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